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Client communication


The Heaven Company is a consultancy specializing in Corporate Responsibility and sustainability issues. Their “Do One Thing Differently” student brief was tackled with Maria Antoniou, and won the Silver Award.

The client communication piece is a set of laser-cut bookmarks and notebooks made from recycled paper from printers and office waste. They speak for themselves, narrating the story of their second life gifted by The Heaven Company through the simple act of reusing waste paper.

The physical communication is supported by an E-mail banner in the form of a short video clip from the perspective of the recycled notebook.


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The brief asked us to create a storytelling device to inspire people to think about individual actions and decision-making in a fun, direct and engaging way. We used our personal experience to identify unused waste paper as an untapped resource.

Our aim is to get the companies to think about their paper. This is evidenced by taking the unusual step of re-purposing off-cuts, misprints and waste paper, into bespoke, unique bookmarks and notebooks that become the vehicle to carry the message from The Heaven Company to existing and potential clients.

Bookmarks would go out to regular clients, and notebooks to special clients. Both items narrate their story in first person and also embody the idea by being recycled products themselves.

The off-cuts and misprints need to be sourced from print companies like Benwells or Gavin Martin Colournet so that they have interesting imagery, colours, or even foiling and embossing on them. These off-cuts are then transformed into bookmarks by laser-cutting intricate patterns on them; this would also take care of any sensitive information that may be on them from its previous life. The patterns are inspired by the elements of nature like water and sun to carry the theme of sustainability into the design as well.

The laser-cut print forms one side of the bookmark, while the other is printed with the story of the bookmark, starting with the tag line, “I am a recycled bookmark”. The text then narrates the life of the paper, giving credit to The Heaven Company for taking it from a Printer’s bin and giving it a new life as a bookmark, now in the service of the client. The two sides would be glued together to make the complete bookmark, and each one would be unique as the source paper would be different.

For more exclusive clients, we propose similarly made A6 notebooks, “I am a recycled notebook” on its cover. A similar first person account of the book goes as text on translucent paper on the inside. Other translucent section dividers would have information about The Heaven Company, its services, and may even include case studies from their work. We believe that true case studies about sustainability are the best way to inspire people into doing the same.

The patterns from the bookmarks are also carried on to the section dividers to tie the two together. Each notebook is also one of a kind because of its source paper. The pattern may or may not be laser cut depending on the budget. The tactile products create an effective emotional response and are supported by an email banner. The email banner is a digitized version of the notebook and its story.

We believe that these items embody the ethos of The Heaven Company. They make use of waste and give it a new life thereby contributing to a more sustainable earth. The Heaven Company does the same by helping their clients accomplish their corporate sustainable social responsibility.

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