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Publication Design & Poetry


The publication “Perspective” is a 500 word poem that journeys the idea and importance of perspective, typographically. The unassuming 10cm squared blank cover opens out in stages to become a 30cm squared typographic jigsaw that one must twist, turn and rotate before getting to the content.

A reflective publication is based on the work I’ve been doing in my third year of my Graphic Design degree at university. At this juncture the content of the projects is almost irrelevant when compared to the perspective with which it is handled. The poem essays this growing struggle, aim and realization.


It’s about the journey, not the destination,

It’s about the struggle before the vacation;

It’s about paths chosen and miles walked,

Concepts reaffirmed and boats rocked;

Exploring, risking, turning and seeing,


In Perspective,



That’s what its about,




Words, type, text, meanings, derivations,

Ideas, images, illustration and experimentation;

Where to start? Do I know?

What others did? Where to let go?


The past-an archive,

The future-unsure;

Living Everyday,

Just a blur;


Linguistics, x-rays and personal pain,

Words and emotions, much to gain;

Working, surviving or living?

Just Photoshop for seeing,




The bigger picture, the unsaid story;

More reason to smile less to worry;

Showing what is never seen,

Knowing where I’ve been;


Is archive documentation,

A record or mere representation?

To hold on to what is gone?

Or hug and then carry on?


Hug and carry on.





Seeing, touching, feeling-Everyday,

Colour, pattern, lettering-Everyday,

Consumerism, context,

Blurred ideals;

Playing everyday on repeat;


What’s mundane?

What’s extraordinary?

Who decides what is worthy?

Or is it about Perspective?


Extraordinary Perspective


In the grand scheme of things,

Schizophrenic-unsure wings;

Do I belong? Where to sit?

Where does my identity fit?

Arial, Helvetica why conform?

Break out to make my own!

Custom type, beautiful illustration,

Poster, book, wedding invitation;


Be serious, or play the fool?


Stop. Breathe.

Just play it cool.


No room for error,

No room for doubt;

You’re on the last lap,

Might as well stick it out!

The calm confidence, all a farce,

Hiding the hurricane behind the mask!


Practicing, perfecting, repeating,

Ingraining it to my being;

Pushing, fighting, striving,

Finding answers, sometimes lying;

Till out of the chaos-suddenly,

Perspective is what I see!

Fights won, duals lost,

What matters are battles fought;



That’s what its about,




Pulling apart and breaking down,

Making connections and zooming out;

Trees, patterns, the honeybee,

Snowflakes, fractals, symmetry,

Society, architecture, Fibonacci,

Arranged in structural hierarchy;


How to understand? Who to see?

I’m better off with typography!





Sigh. Stop. See.


Eureka! Perspective!


Every part of this galaxy,

Simply molecular gastronomy!

Parts, rotations, evolve and revolve,

What’s the equation to solve?


Atoms in molecules, molecules in bonds,

To which structure do they correspond?

Structural fractals, like a gif on loop,

A system-a structural group;


System, circuit, a closed cycle,

Or is it really only a spiral?

Systems within systems,

All having similar symptoms;

Mirroring each other perfectly,

Yet functioning oh so differently!


I guess its all a matter of-




Scale, size, grid and conception,

All come down to perception;

Looking in or staring out?

Does it matter ? What its about?


As long we are jumping! flying! and leaping!

Exploring! kicking! shouting! and seeing!

Things the way we haven’t seen,

A beanstalk from a magic bean!

Challenging, twisting, bending reality,

To suit our own idiosyncrasy!


That isn’t clear, that makes no sense,

Often does with the head bent!

To see sometimes harmony,

Suspend thoughts of normalcy!


Pull away from what is known,

In the end you will have grown!

Won the race, mastered the objective,

Which is a matter of yes-



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© Sumegha Ginodia. All rights reserved.

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